Chat Room Is Open!

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The Chat Room is open again.  Come in and chat with a mommy, granny, or babysitter then call for some fun.

Gayle gives comfort and calms your nerves!

Posted by: ABDLSpace in: ● 02/28/2014

gayle1[1]I just wanted to write about the most wonderful conversation I had last night.  Not all conversations have to be sexual in nature to be satisfying to the participants.  L just wanted Mommy to make him understand why he has the urges to wear girl panties and be a little slut. 

I guess we do things like this to override the overwhelming goodness we exhibit in our daily lives.  I know for most AB’s and Sissies finding the understanding to express oneself in reality is difficult at best if not near impossible. 

That’s why calling someone like me can be a tremendous release. It’s ok L, you will feel more comfortable with this in time.  I know how important it is for you to have someone non-judgmental to talk to.

I can’t wait to play out the fantasy we discussed today.

Until then, mwah!  Take care.


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Changing Sammy’s Diaper

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bonnie2[1]I changed Adult baby Sammy’s diaper this morning. I could smell his poopy diaper as soon as I walked into his house. I don’t think he has been changed since last night. I’m so glad I brought a few extra diapers with me. I think he had only a few left in his bedroom. I think I’m going to have to take us diaper shopping tomorrow. 
I wander if he has any diaper wipes left. I’ll Just have to find out tomorrow morning. If I have enough time, I’m thinking of driving us to the mall to look for some cute outfits. I hope to find some holiday outfits on sale. I  think I saw an ad on tv for a few little dresses.
I haven’t played dress up with Sammy since the beginning of the summer. I think he’s also going to need some cute shoes to go with his new dresses. I can’t wait to see what colors they have on their shelves.
I  think Sammy will look cute in red or black. I will probably buy of these colors, if they have them on sale. I just hope it’s not too crowded. I have 
thought about buying some little red ribbons to put in his hair. OMG, I can already tell that tomorrows going to be a great day.
I’ll make sure to get up earlier so I can plan out the whole day. 
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Mommy Takes Care of all of your AB/DL Needs.

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denise4[1]Hi baby.. it’s Mommy Denise and I’m here to take care of all of your AB/DL needs. I’m a real life mommy and new grandma and I just love babies! I love babies of all shapes, sizes, and of course ages! I raised 4 children on my own and now have a grandbaby of my own to coddle, care for, spoil, and love. I have gone through my share of diaper changes, punishing unruly children, playing dress up, feeding, bath times, and all of the love and attention that only a mommy can provide.

After my divorce, I was introduced to the ABDL lifestyle by a man that I was dating who loved to wear diapers in his personal life and I was so intrigued. Once I started catering to his diapering needs I was hooked to the lifestyle and playing with abies and diaper lovers. I have lots of experience with all things baby and I love every moment of it. I’m a patient loving and nurturing mommy, but I’m not afraid to bend you over my knee and spank that bare bottom if the situation calls for it.

I’m not really a strict mommy but I have no problem with diaper punishments or spanking if you need it. I love diaper fetishes and I adore sissy babies who will let me dress them up in frilly dresses, panties, and bobby socks!

I’m a fun loving mommy who is very understanding, open minded, and will listen to all of your secrets and promise to keep them between us. Come talk to a real mommy who is sure to understand what you need and want!

Mommy Denise
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It’s chilly…time to cuddle with Auntie Amy

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Hi babies! My name is Auntie Amy and I am new here to YourPhoneMommy.com and so excited to be around such a loving ,sweet
and caring group of ladies.

I have heard some wonderful things about you babies and I can not wait to cuddle with you in fact now is a perfect time with it being so chilly outside. Rest your head in my bossom little one. Let me comfort you like the baby you are.

I am available for diaper changing,bottle feedings,babysitting and sweet cuddling. Can’t wait to chat little ones.


Auntie Amy

Diaper talk with Mommy Nadine

Posted by: ABDLSpace in: ● 02/23/2014

When “R” calls we always have great conversations about when he was young and had to go back into diapers after he never quite potty trained.

His mother finally decided to put him back in diapers at night for his bed wetting issues. We talk about the times he had in diapers. How his aunt joined in on the fun. 

Then he told me about the one time when he was much older and his mom had diapered him for the night, the next the morning he got up and came out to the kitchen and his aunt was sitting with his mom having coffee, they looked at “R” 

They noticed he was wet and mommy gave his aunt permission to change him.

 So “R”s aunt led him out to the living room, grabbed some wipes, unpinned his diapers and cleaned him up,

 Mom cane up with a new diaper and “R’s aunt began to re-diaper him, but he had developed an erection so she could not get the diaper on.

Without any hesitation she began stroking his dick up and down like a pro, “R” was so shocked and excited that he shot his load almost immediately.

His aunt and mom laughed as he came all over his aunts face, she then re-diapered him and they all sat down for breakfast.

Mommy Nadine

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Nurse Carol is ready to kiss it and make it all better

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Mommy is concerned that you are not going poop in the potty lately. She is going to bring you to the doctor – but today you are going to see Miss Carol.

I am a registered nurse, specializing in children’s medicine and I am specially trained to deal with little boys and girls, even the naughty ill behaved ones. I am a patient loving nurse that is here to make all of your boo boos better, and to fix all of your problems.

After a quick exam, I have determined that the best course of action is going to be to give you a warm water enema. I am going to have mommy leave the room, so you can get naked for me and then we will get started.

I am going to explain the procedure to you, but you won’t fully understand the power until you experience it yourself. The warm water is going to fill your belly – you are going to feel so full, but I promise, it’s going to clean you right out and you will feel so much better.

Nurse Carol can make it better. I can perform all medical tests, all procedures, and sometimes you may just want to fake an illness to come and see me because you love being  my company.

Call me now for all of your medical needs, roleplays, and fantasies. I’ll be waiting.

Nurse Carol

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Age Aggression Fantasies with Mommy Amanda

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It’s Mommy Amanda, and I’m the sweet nurturing mommy of your wildest dreams. I married young, to a very powerful executive who had a secret. He was an adult baby who loved wearing diapers under his thousand dollar suits.

He loved to come home from a stressful day at the office and suckle my breasts while cooing and just have me cater to his every whim and desire. At first I didn’t understand it, but after years together, I learned to truly love being a mommy to my abie.


 I’m a real life mommy and real life adult baby lover who specializes in age regression, tlc, adult babies, diaper lovers (both disposable and cloth), and disciplining naughty babies if I have to. I’m experienced and ready to add another sweet little abie to my nursery. Come to mommy – you know I can make everything all better !


Mommy Amanda

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Hailey’s Play Date

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hailey2[1]My play date today was Veronica. I think she’s the same age as me. I like to be babysat a couple days a week. I always have a good time, when I play with Veronica.

Today, I went to the park with her. Our babysitter gave us each a bottle. I like it when he feels it up with warm milk. I have been an adult baby part time, going on five years.
I like to be treated just like a baby. If I spill my bottle, then I have to put a bib on. My play date and I each had a pacifier in our mouths. If we are good, then we each get a lolipop when we get home. If we are bad, then we get spanked. I usually try to be on my best behavior.
I wore my blue sunflower dress and Veronica wore her light orange one. I thought hers looked cuter on hers. It was such a nice day at the park today. I was so thirsty, that I drank  two full bottles earlier. I drank
so much, that I peed my diaper.
I had to be changed right in front of everyone. It’s such a great experience
having people watch me get treated like a real baby
Baby Hailey
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Sammie Dirtied His Diaper

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cheryl3[1]I had to change Sammie’s dirty diaper twice today. I know I’m going to have to change him tomorrow morning too. I always have to bring extra wipes because his bum is so stinky. I will probably have to bathe him too.

I know he doesn’t take care of himself when I’m not with him. I have to take extra care of him.  I sometimes have my friends over too. 

I sometimes let them watch me diaper him. I will leave the room while they are putting his plastic diaper on him. I can hear them laughing all the way down the hall. I think they think it’s cute that I take care of an adult baby.
I have been doing it for thirteen years now. It’s a great feeling knowing 
that I can nurture another adult baby. I sometimes let Sammie suck on my big nipple, when he gets thirsty.
I make sure he has plenty. I’m looking for a new adult baby to take care of tonight. I hope to hear from you soon.
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