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Roses Sissy Training with Sissy Harold

Posted by: ABDLSpace in: ● 09/07/2014

When Harold called me he was a bit on the sassy side, insolent really! He thought he was in control of the conversation and acted as if he was some sort of dom and I was a submissive, oh how wrong he was and how quickly Mommy Rose put him in check.

First of all Harold, You are MY BITCH and you will do what I say. If you choose to defy me I will make your training as difficult as I can.

I commanded him to go to his room and find a pair of panties and any other “girly” clothes he could find and put them on. Then I told him I was going to train him to be a good little “Sissy-slut” first I was going to teach him how to submit to a woman.

I forced his face between my legs and made him lick me until I climaxed, then I pulled out my biggest dildo and told him to suck it. I instructed him on the proper way to suck a cock and pretty soon he was taking the entire thing in his mouth.

After that I told him I would need to “sissy-slut” train his ass. With that I made him lay on his back, I lubed up that nice. Big dildo and began pushing it into his asshole. I knew it hurt by the way he was moaning, but pretty soon I had it all in and I was popping his little ” ass-cherry” what a slut he turned out to be, before even a few minutes went by he was Cumming all over himself while I worked his ass with my toy.

I think Harold is definitely ready to join in one of my little “Parties” as the main attraction of course!


Granny Rose

Toll Free: 1 877 856 WILD

Babysitter Valerie’s Naughty Baby Boy.

Posted by: ABDLSpace in: ● 09/06/2014

valerie1[1]I just got off the phone w/ my favorite naughty baby that I watch. He saves up all his pee until he knows that I am coming over.  When I get there, he unleashes and soaks his diaper just so I have to take it off and see what he has inside there.

When I remove that soaking wet diaper - his pee pee is always so hard for the babysitter.  He’s so naughty, saving up his pee and wetting just to show the babysitter his hard pee pee.

Naughty baby!


Babysitter Valerie


Toll Free: 1 877 856 WILD

Young Mom Turned Strict Granny

Posted by: ABDLSpace in: ● 09/05/2014

marilynmain[1]I am Granny Marilyn. I had my children when I was young and wild and now that I’m older and more experienced, I find myself loving to be around naughty little boys. I am a strict Granny who expects nothing but the best from my little boys. I have no problem handling bratty babies or disciplining unruly abies. Granny always gets her way!

When baby is sad, you can come and sit on Granny’s lap and cry it out, but if throw a temper tantrum, then you know Granny will have to punish you! If you’re a good boy though – you know Granny has the best “treats” in town. Playing with my abies and chasing wild children keeps Granny in shape and feeling young.

No matter how mommy spoils you, nothing will compare to the time you spend with Granny. I am strict, but I love to coddle, nurture, and comfort you. You will always feel happy around your Granny. I specialize in every thing from TLC to disciplining tantrum throwing toddlers, diapering, bath time, potty training, and feeding time. Granny’s house has all of the necessities to take care of baby for a very long time.

Come spend some time with Granny and let’s have some fun together. Nothing compares to Granny’s feedings, diaper changing, bath time, and play time. Don’t keep Granny waiting too long.


Granny Marilyn


Toll Free: 1 877 856 WILD

Spunky Redhead Step Mommy Candy

Posted by: ABDLSpace in: ● 09/04/2014

candy4[1]Hey there. It’s Mommy Candy here. I’m a spunky redheaded step mom, soccer mom, PTA president, and hot neighbor up the street.

I am a step mom to four “wonderful” spoiled brats. They are a handful that often need to be turned over my knee and spanked, punished, put in time outs, humiliated in public if they act out, and expected to always do what mommy says!

I never intended to take on a ready made family, but here I am. Even though I’m a step mommy, I still have to be me – the sexy clothes, the hair the makeup, the pumps. I’m the hot step mommy that my step sons and their friends all fantasize about!

I’ve been with them from infancy so I have experience with diapers, changing, potty training, punishment, spanking, and every thing in between.

The clincher is that even though I married for money and social status, my husband is a diaper lover. He travels a lot but when he is not on business, he is home wearing his diapers under his jeans, and even sometimes he has one on under his Armani suit at work. He’s been a diaper lover since college (and that was A LONG time ago!) – so I have a lot of experience with diaper loving men as well.

I may not know what it is like to birth a child, but I definitely know how to be a mommy to babies of all ages and sizes. I’m a class act who has no problem putting you in your place, but mommy also knows how to kiss boo boos as well – so call Mommy Candy now.

Mommy Candy

Toll Free: 1 877 856 WILD

September Special – 5 Minutes FREE!

Posted by: ABDLSpace in: ● 09/03/2014

All September Long – mention the September Special and get 5 minutes FREE with any paid call :)



Diaper changing with baby J

Posted by: ABDLSpace in: ● 05/23/2014

What a sneaky boy! Baby J just sat there in the corner and pooped in his big boy pants after I finished up all the laundry for tonight. He  really puts me to work, but what can I say he is my favorite baby! He is so hands on and playful which I love about him.

I also warned baby J that if he were to ever poop in his big boy pants he would have to wear diapers all day long.

So I grabbed a clean diaper with teddy bear designs and some fresh baby powder to sprinkle over his little pee pee. Oh how he loved when I stroked his little pee pee with my hands.

To top it off I even dressed him with a cute pair of plastic pants for extra protection throughout the night. He is a real big pooper. I think he poops in his pants purposely just so I can wipe his little bottom and play with his cock every minute. I must say that I don’t mind though.

Anytime I change him he just lies there quietly like a good baby boy as long as he has his binkie placed in his mouth. I love giving him all of my love and attention. Who can resist an adorable baby. 

Baby J loves to suck on his binkie at all times. So right before bedtime I placed it in his mouth, turned on a lullaby, and finally rocked him to sleep.

What a long night!!! I wonder what’s in store for tomorrow since I’m babysitting him for the entire weekend. I guess you would just have to call and find out!



Posted by: ABDLSpace in: ● 05/22/2014

I got a phone call from C.. He wanted to hear how I would dress him up as a little girl. So I asked “what did he do in order to make me dress him up as a little girl?” Of course he said “gina1[1].”

Bad little C, always doing peepee on himself. So I explained to him how I would dress him up, make him wear little pink dresses … I sure love seeing my big babies in pink little dresses.


His big diaper with princess decoration on. Yup, I want a sure want a little princess and who better than C to be my little princess. Then I told him how we would go out with my friends and how I would have a diaper bag with diapers, his baby bottles, baby food and little blankies.

Then he wanted to know if my friends would make fun of him because he peepee on his diapyy when he could’ve asked to use the potty, sure they will my little one, and Mommy Gina will give you a spanking for embarrassing me.

He said he loves when his mommy is mean to him, mommy is very nice C but if you want a mean mommy… It will be mean keeping you in your dirty diapy for a longer time while you sit in timeout

Until next time my princess C, 



Mommy Gina


Call me: 1-800-856-WILD

Diapered Gerald.

Posted by: ABDLSpace in: ● 05/21/2014

tabby2[1]It has been a while since I have spoken with Gerald.   Today he was in a diaper and onesie.  Gerald was kind of upset because his mommy‘s friend did not know why he is in diapers.  Why does Gerald have any control?  This makes him feel like a baby. 

His mom always changes the subject when this happens.  She tries to make him feel better but it does not work.  When Gerald goes to work he has to wear diapers.   It is very noticeable to his coworkers especially when he makes a mess.  Gerald made a stinky

Gerald enjoys his disposables and has a new changing table this made him so excited his mommy had promised this to him.  I shared a secret with him that I tried on a diaper and I used to suck on my thumb.  Gerald sucks his pacifier next call .

I cannot wait for him to suck it for me.  Have a great evening Baby Gerald!



Toll Free: 1 877 856 WILD

My New Adult Baby.

Posted by: ABDLSpace in: ● 05/21/2014

april5[1]My new adult baby Jake likes the new diaper bag I bought for him. I now have a bag to use for his things when we go out in public. I had such a wonderful day with him earlier.
I made us both lunch before we started our day. I took us to the park first. I sat in the park bench with the other mothers. I think it excites Baby Jake when other people watch me change his diaper. I think he also likes it when they laugh at him too.
I had to change him twice this afternoon before leaving the park. I took him shopping right afterwards at the mall. I only found him a couple of outfits for him to wear this week. I did find them both to be very cute. I think he is going to like wearing these this week, when I come over to babysit. I’m going to be arriving at his house bright and early tomorrow morning.
I know already, that he is going to need me to change him. I’m going to bring over some extra diapers, just in case he needs some. I’m thinking tomorrow that we should go out for lunch and see a movie. I already know that baby Jake is going to be one of my favorites.
Toll Free: 1 877 856 WILD

Messy Pants for Baby Leonard.

Posted by: ABDLSpace in: ● 05/20/2014

stephanie2[1]I spoke with Leonard and he did a messy in his pants.  Leonard goes to his neighbors house where all of his moms friends are teasing him.   He gets a chance to play with other babies that wear diapers. 

I told Leonard I have two children that I babysit for ages 6 and 8.  They do stinky in their underpants they do feet in the air just like Leonard.  His room looks cute with pink and yellow.  He has his toys to play with but sometimes he wets the bed. 

This makes his mommy upset.  Leonard asked  me if when inmates are locked up do some of them wear diapers.  I told him yes.  I told  Leonard the jailors do not change them especially when they are about to get executed.   They are very afraid they are going to die. 

This really excited  Leonard we had a great call. 

Buh bye for now baby Leonard


Mommy Stephanie


Toll Free: 1 877 856 WILD


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