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Naughty Baby Cuddles

Posted by: ABDLSpace in: ● 03/27/2015

casey3[1]I learned about My new baby from my friend his wife… She told me that someone needed a babysitter, while she was out of town. She didn’t tell him about me so it was a surprise to him when I came in. He was playing his games in his footsie jammies and baby blanket with him. He tried to hide himself behind his blankie, asking me who I was and why I was there. I told baby boy that I was told all about his diapered butt by wifey and that I was told I could come babysit.
He was scared, so I come in close and sat next to him sucking his thumb and offered my thumb instead. He took it and cuddled up to me. it felt so good, I started to bet him sweetly. Then being so close to this diapered man made me feel naughty, I told him we could be closer and he could suck on my breast like the cute baby he was. He was nervous but gladly agreed to it. I took off my top and bra and he lached on. It was so hot that I started to rub his private area and heard his panties crinkle under his pjs. Soon after baby told me that he needed a changing.
I followed him to his room where her had a changing table and so many cute things like wigs and tutus, boys and girls clothes. I loved it so much I told him we’d have to dress him up soon. but first we had to deal with that wet diaper of his. We took off his jammies then his plastic panties and then his cloth diaper. I wiped up my baby boy. and I saw that his pee pee was standing at attention for his babysitter, I couldn’t help but giggle as my pussy got hot looking at it.
So I told baby I wanted to play with it. I started to play with his pee pee, baby boy was making a lot of sounds that made me just love playing with him more, then I told him it would feel even better in my mouth. Going down on baby boy was so good, he tasted so yummy! and then i started to play with his little balls cause they looked like they needed attention too. I felt so hot from all this baby boy said he wanted to help me. I diapered him back up, pulled up my skirt to show I had been naughty and not worn any panties and baby boy got on his knees and started in on my pussy.
He tickled my pussy with his tounge and lapped up my wettness. My baby boy then did as baby’s do and made a big old messy in his diaper so we put him back up and cleaned him up before my baby boy had to get off the phone.

I love being naughty with my baby boys. Call back soon sweetie! Mwah!


Babysitter Casey

Toll Free: 1 877 856 WILD

Babysitter Casey

Three is a Babysitting Handful of Fun.

Posted by: ABDLSpace in: ● 03/26/2015

casey3[1]Yesterday I was watching a set of boys and a little girl. They where so much fun. The boys where just babies 2 and 3 and the girl was older she was 6 and a bossy boots. She had those boys dressing up with her in pink tutus and playing tea party. It was the cutest thing, I got to play the visiting princess at tea.
Then the 2 year old made a messy in his diaper and I had to go change him. I had his diaper open and I noticed the silly baby had a hard little pee pee for his babysitter, I giggled and cleaned him all up making sure to get his pee pee too. Then I put his new Huggies on him and gave his bottom a little smack before returning to the tea party. Then I made us all some hot doggies and Mac and cheese.
The other boy peed himself in his pull up and I had to give him a spanking before making him sit on the potty for a whole 5 minutes. Cause that’s what happens when little babies forget to ask to go pee in the potty. When we were done miss bossy boots decided we should make a fort. We where having so much fun that we where all sad when their Mommy and Daddy came home.


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Wet Shaming for Tom By Mommy Autumn

Posted by: ABDLSpace in: ● 03/25/2015

autumn3[1]I just had a call with Tomtom where we talked about how much fun it would be to shame him. Going out and mocking him for his size with my girlfriends watching and laughing as well. Getting the waitress get him a high chair for him. Making them mash his carrots for him and then feed him myself. Then when we whined about it making him wear a diaper a pink skirt, and blue blouse and making him sit on my shoulders to take him home. putting him down in a onsie and giving him a baba to sleep.                  
Then as my baby at age Ten id make him into a baby girl. With a big party making him a big diapered little girl. We giggled about how cutie he was gave her spankings when she was bad renamed her Tabatha. Making her go to school and other classes as a girl from then on. In her diapers she would go to ballet and little girl birthday parties. It would be so much fun!
Toll Free: 1 877 856 WILD

Baby Bounce Pee Shame

Posted by: ABDLSpace in: ● 03/24/2015

casey3[1]Some of my favorite baby sittings have been when I get to take the kiddies to the bounce house, they love to bounce for hours and i get to play with them. One day I was babysitting Susie 4 and her baby brother David whos 2. Susie has just started wearing big girl panties and I couldn’t have been more proud of her. So to celebrate her parents said we could go to the bounce house while I was watching them. We where so excited we stared packing for the little trip before the parents even left! Susie was so cute picking her fav socks and helping pack the diaper bag for David.

Once we where all packed I brought the kids to my little car. Thanks to having some really nice parents I have a 2010 ford focus which wasn’t as fancy as Id like but it got from point A to B and didn’t use a lot of gas. The kids loved is red paint too. Red was Susies favorate color, along with every other color you happened to mention. heehee.

We got to the bounce house shortly after the 6th or so round of the abc’s song. We all piled out and I signed the kids in. Susie ran for the big pink castle and David looked longing at her, so once i finished the sign in and payed I took him in with me in the castle and we bounced together. it was so much fun and we where giggling so hard. Up and Down, Up and Down, Susie sang. She had to take a brake for a breath so I started singing it too, seeing if i could get David in on the game, but he was just happy bouncing. Susie went on some of the other boucers like the slide, but David and I stayed in the castle till finally he was tired and done with it. I took him out and sat in the grown up section with the other sitters, mommys and daddies. Susie ran up to us to see her little brother and why he wasn’t jumping like her anymore and thats when I saw her pants were wet.

“Susie? Did you pee your panties?”

“No….” she said trying to hide it.

“Yes you did, come on, lets go to the bathroom, take the bag.” She moaned but she took the diaper bag like I told her too and we walked back to the bathroom, where I first changed David who had become a little stinky.

“See David made a mess too.. your baby still just like baby David”

“No” she exlaimed “I’m a big girl”

“Big girls tell there babysitter when they need to potty Susie” she looked down at her feet trying to avoid my eyes as she said

“But I didn’t mean to…”

“Well ment to or not Susie, you have to be punished, you know what that means.” She looked up scared.

“We have to leave?”

“No, you have to wear a diaper, and a spanking” She looked horrified but placent since it ment she could still bounce. I took out a diaper I had brought just in case and made her lay down on the floor while I peeled the peed pants and panties from her bottom. Then I washed her bottom with a couple baby wipes. Then I told her to stand up and bend over my knee so I could give her the spankings. Susie did as she was told and I gave her bottom three good wacks.

“One for not telling me you needed to pee, Two for lying about peeing, and Three to make sure it doesn’t happen again” I said as I spanked her. Her bottom was pink and she Owwed after each, but I ignored them. told her to lay down again so I put the diaper on her bottom. sliding it under her butt and then pinning each side then I pulled on a skirt.

“You don’t have pants for me? everyone will see this diaper in the skirt…”

“Thats the point Susie, everyone needs to know so that maybe you will remember and not do this again.” She hung her head but noded. “Good girl, now go play we still have 20 minutes to bounce.” She went to bounce again this time in her diaper and her friends commented and laughed that she had a diaper back on. Me and David went back to the grown up area where I gave him a bottle and he fell asleep. We went home after the bounce was over and they both took their naps till mommy and daddy came home.


Babysitter Casey

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Age Regression Fantasy with Bri Bri

Posted by: ABDLSpace in: ● 03/23/2015

autumn3[1]Regression fun with Bri Bri
Bri Bri called my up today for some age regression fun and boy was it! We started with the perfect scfiy backstory he came up with. Which was brilliant! I played Scientist and he was my boyfriend. We got chatting about work and stuff and how much we had missed each other and I asked him if I could use the *regresser* on him show him what wonderful scientist stuff id been up too, and it turned into me babying my boy… the naughty boy peed his pants once I turned him, must have been a side effect, but we didn’t mind, a little change into a nice soft diaper after getting those dirty things in the wash and my baby bri bri was giggling all over. Hearing him giggle made me giggle too and I started to tickle my bri bri, and eat his little toes.
Then Bri Bri found the regresser and pushed some button and next thing I know I am feeling like a baby myself and I have a peed pair of panties lucky for me Bri Bri knows how to change a girl right. He shifted my skirt up and found my soaking wet panties and took them off carefully and smelled them. He liked the smell and that made me giggle naughty boys liked wet panties and he even put them on his head, it made me giggle more. Then Bri Bri took out the wipes to clean my “no no spots” it felt so good, they should really rename them “yes yes spots” hee hee.
One of his fingers got lost in my “no no” and it felt good but he took it out eventually to put a new cloth diaper on my bottom. Then he sprinkled powder on me and it was like it was snowing down there which made Bri Bri giggle. He pinned me up and we played a bit before he got stinky and it was all nice and warm but then we had to clean it up before it got to stinky… then Bri Bri had a naughty idea of what we could do with our “no noes” or at least mommy and daddy would call it naughty, but it was so much fun.
Bri Bri even helped me get my shirt off so my boobies could be free in the winds heehee. I sat with no diapys on Bri Bri’s “no noes” with my “no noes” mushing them together with Bri Bri’s peepee in me I bounced up and down my boobies bouncing every where, it felt so good. bouncing up and down and up and down. I even felt him make a warm mess in me right before he stopped making the fun noises.
I can’t wait till our next call, and I’m super excited to send him my dripping wet panties!


Toll Free: 1 877 856 WILD

Spunky Redhead Step Mommy Candy

Posted by: ABDLSpace in: ● 03/22/2015

candy4[1]Hey there. It’s Mommy Candy here. I’m a spunky redheaded step mom, soccer mom, PTA president, and hot neighbor up the street.

I am a step mom to four “wonderful” spoiled brats. They are a handful that often need to be turned over my knee and spanked, punished, put in time outs, humiliated in public if they act out, and expected to always do what mommy says!

I never intended to take on a ready made family, but here I am. Even though I’m a step mommy, I still have to be me – the sexy clothes, the hair the makeup, the pumps. I’m the hot step mommy that my step sons and their friends all fantasize about!

I’ve been with them from infancy so I have experience with diapers, changing, potty training, punishment, spanking, and every thing in between.

The clincher is that even though I married for money and social status, my husband is a diaper lover. He travels a lot but when he is not on business, he is home wearing his diapers under his jeans, and even sometimes he has one on under his Armani suit at work. He’s been a diaper lover since college (and that was A LONG time ago!) – so I have a lot of experience with diaper loving men as well.

I may not know what it is like to birth a child, but I definitely know how to be a mommy to babies of all ages and sizes. I’m a class act who has no problem putting you in your place, but mommy also knows how to kiss boo boos as well – so call Mommy Candy now.

Mommy Candy

Toll Free: 1 877 856 WILD

Diaper changing with baby J

Posted by: ABDLSpace in: ● 03/21/2015

What a sneaky boy! Baby J just sat there in the corner and pooped in his big boy pants after I finished up all the laundry for tonight. He  really puts me to work, but what can I say he is my favorite baby! He is so hands on and playful which I love about him.

I also warned baby J that if he were to ever poop in his big boy pants he would have to wear diapers all day long.

So I grabbed a clean diaper with teddy bear designs and some fresh baby powder to sprinkle over his little pee pee. Oh how he loved when I stroked his little pee pee with my hands.

To top it off I even dressed him with a cute pair of plastic pants for extra protection throughout the night. He is a real big pooper. I think he poops in his pants purposely just so I can wipe his little bottom and play with his cock every minute. I must say that I don’t mind though.

Anytime I change him he just lies there quietly like a good baby boy as long as he has his binkie placed in his mouth. I love giving him all of my love and attention. Who can resist an adorable baby. 

Baby J loves to suck on his binkie at all times. So right before bedtime I placed it in his mouth, turned on a lullaby, and finally rocked him to sleep.

What a long night!!! I wonder what’s in store for tomorrow since I’m babysitting him for the entire weekend. I guess you would just have to call and find out!



Baby Experiment with Autumn

Posted by: ABDLSpace in: ● 03/20/2015

autumn3[1]I’ve always liked older men and I always liked to be the one in control. I used to practice Bdsm and back in high school I liked to go out to local bars near the offices and pick up the older men, I wasn’t happy unless he was balding or had gray hair.
They never carded me cause they all assumed that I was old enough if I was hanging off these old men. They would take me back to their place or a hotel if they had a wife and we would have so much fun. One night I decided I wanted to do something really crazy. I wanted to try and diaper my old men.
So I bought some old people diapers from the local grocery claiming they where for an elderly grandparent and shoved them in my purse that night. I decided on my mark, there was an old man with gray balding hair and a gut, he was perfect. I needed a man who wouldn’t question this hot young girl. He had a drink and got me one of course and then while he was getting closer I put my hand on the inseem of his suit pants. And whispered in his ear that we could get closer if he took me some where private… And did everything I told him to do.
As they always do when I suggest we get to private quarters he immediately say goodbye to his coworkers and told them that he was escorting me home.
They all groned and said there goodbyes wishing it where them. He took me to a gorgeous hotel even better then any of the other men had taken me too, so I started to get a little nervous but I knew if I didn’t try tonight I might lose my nerve.
We got to our room and he started to undress me and kiss me all over. I made him stop told him that tonight he was mine and not the other way around. He took a step back and said “princess gets whatever she wants” and I told him “I am mommy, and you will call me nothing else!” He didn’t even blink before responding “yes mommy” I told him he needed to get undressed that it was bath time. He took his suit off as fast as he could and headed straight for the bath tub as I followed with a smile. 

He he waited by the tub naked and said “do I get to have bubbles mommy?”
i looked at him and said “have you been a good boy?” He said “aha” and I said that good boys get bubbles, he smiled and I started the water. He started to yank on his cock as he wanted and I watched pleased for a moment and then took his hand. “What do you think your doing?” 

“Sorry mommy” he said looking ashamed “do I still get bubbles?”
I told old him he could have bubbles once I gave him a spanking for being a bad boy, the bath running I took the old baby and I spanked his bottom pink with my bare hand. And when I felt he had enough I told him to get in the tub. He did as he was told and I got out the soap and started to wash him getting us both all covered in bubbles, not wanting to ruin my dress I told him to play while mommy got more comfortable.
Then I took off my dress and under things leaving only my heels on, hanging my clothes and going right back to the bath. Bathing my big baby and my breast getting bubbles all over them as they bushed up against him, hitting him in the face at one point.
Then I got to wash his private parts paying extra special attention to his balls, asshole and penis. He had a hard time keeping from getting riled up and I’m sure that he got off in the tub at least once but all he said was “mommy that’s so nice I love it when you clean my peepee” then when I felt I was done I made him stand up so I could dry him off I even tickled him a little “that tickles mommy” he said though a giggle and then I grabed hold of his peepee with the towel and tugged to get it dry, making him hard again but I left it there staring at me. Once I Had him all dry I took him to the bed and told him to lay down while mommy goes and gets his diaper.


He lay there feet in the air playing with his toes giggling it was a perfect site to see. I put the diaper on him slowly not wanting to play to much with his little dicky again. Then I got up in the bed and told him we where going to read a story then it was bed time. I took out the little engine the could and read the whole thing cuddled up with him, he loved the pictures and I loved the feel of his diaper.


Bottom against my naked skin. When we where done with the book I told him it was time for baby to have his milk and he cuddled up and I placed my hard nipple in his mouth, feeling his hard peepee throught the diaper on my leg made me wet and I played with myself while he sucked and when I finished myself after what seemed like hours with my baby we feel asleep me with my hands on his diapered bottom and him with his hungry mouth still on my tit. It was the first time, but defiantly not the last…


Toll Free: 1 877 856 WILD

Beatings and Dresses, Oh My!

Posted by: ABDLSpace in: ● 03/15/2015

casey3[1]Beatings and Dresses Oh My…
Last Night I had so much fun laughing and playing with little T. We talked about how I would turn him into my Little sister and call him Tammy. How I would make him cry in front of all my girlfriends as we strip him down and made him stand naked for all of us to see and laugh at how little he was. Like a doll we would dress him up in his new dresses.
We wouldn’t let him be a boy anymore. He is now our little play thing. I’d hold him by is private parts that are no longer so private. We would play with her little dicky making it our play thing. Make her breast feed on me and my friends even their little sisters could join in the fun. And if we got mad or where bored we could kick him around like the little doll she now is.
Its so exciting to hear how much little T was enjoying our talk. I hope T was having as much fun as I was.
Toll Free: 1 877 856 WILD

Strict Mommy Allison

Posted by: ABDLSpace in: ● 03/14/2015

allison1[1]Hello little man, your Mommy is here and I expect you to be a good boy and listen to every thing that I say. I don’t tolerate mouthy children, disobedience, or hearing you tell me no! I am here to take care of you, watch over you, teach you how to be a good boy, and keep you out of trouble.

What I say goes, and the sooner you learn that, the better off you will be. I have no problem sitting your behind in the corner, bending you over my knee and spanking you, or making you sit in that dirty diaper for hours until you learn your lesson. I believe in tough love, and if a good hard spanking is what you need, then I have the ok from your mom and dad to paddle that bottom until it’s red and puffy. If you keep it up, you may not be able to comfortably sit for days!

I am stern and strict, but I also promise you that if you are a good boy, we will do lots of fun things together. I have lots to teach you. How else will you learn how to go from a baby to a man? You need guidance and lots of practice and Mommy Allison is here to provide all of that and more. All you have to do is be a good boy, listen to every thing I say, always say yes, and do what you are told and we will get along just fine hehe.

Don’t worry, I’m not always mean, just when you are naughty and deserve it. When you are a good boy you will get rewarded with lots of goodies and fun times with Mommy!

Mommy Allison

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