Diaper changing with baby J

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What a sneaky boy! Baby J just sat there in the corner and pooped in his big boy pants after I finished up all the laundry for tonight. He  really puts me to work, but what can I say he is my favorite baby! He is so hands on and playful which I love about him.

I also warned baby J that if he were to ever poop in his big boy pants he would have to wear diapers all day long.

So I grabbed a clean diaper with teddy bear designs and some fresh baby powder to sprinkle over his little pee pee. Oh how he loved when I stroked his little pee pee with my hands.

To top it off I even dressed him with a cute pair of plastic pants for extra protection throughout the night. He is a real big pooper. I think he poops in his pants purposely just so I can wipe his little bottom and play with his cock every minute. I must say that I don’t mind though.

Anytime I change him he just lies there quietly like a good baby boy as long as he has his binkie placed in his mouth. I love giving him all of my love and attention. Who can resist an adorable baby. 

Baby J loves to suck on his binkie at all times. So right before bedtime I placed it in his mouth, turned on a lullaby, and finally rocked him to sleep.

What a long night!!! I wonder what’s in store for tomorrow since I’m babysitting him for the entire weekend. I guess you would just have to call and find out!




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I got a phone call from C.. He wanted to hear how I would dress him up as a little girl. So I asked “what did he do in order to make me dress him up as a little girl?” Of course he said “gina1[1].”

Bad little C, always doing peepee on himself. So I explained to him how I would dress him up, make him wear little pink dresses … I sure love seeing my big babies in pink little dresses.


His big diaper with princess decoration on. Yup, I want a sure want a little princess and who better than C to be my little princess. Then I told him how we would go out with my friends and how I would have a diaper bag with diapers, his baby bottles, baby food and little blankies.

Then he wanted to know if my friends would make fun of him because he peepee on his diapyy when he could’ve asked to use the potty, sure they will my little one, and Mommy Gina will give you a spanking for embarrassing me.

He said he loves when his mommy is mean to him, mommy is very nice C but if you want a mean mommy… It will be mean keeping you in your dirty diapy for a longer time while you sit in timeout

Until next time my princess C, 



Mommy Gina


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Diapered Gerald.

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tabby2[1]It has been a while since I have spoken with Gerald.   Today he was in a diaper and onesie.  Gerald was kind of upset because his mommy‘s friend did not know why he is in diapers.  Why does Gerald have any control?  This makes him feel like a baby. 

His mom always changes the subject when this happens.  She tries to make him feel better but it does not work.  When Gerald goes to work he has to wear diapers.   It is very noticeable to his coworkers especially when he makes a mess.  Gerald made a stinky

Gerald enjoys his disposables and has a new changing table this made him so excited his mommy had promised this to him.  I shared a secret with him that I tried on a diaper and I used to suck on my thumb.  Gerald sucks his pacifier next call .

I cannot wait for him to suck it for me.  Have a great evening Baby Gerald!



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My New Adult Baby.

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april5[1]My new adult baby Jake likes the new diaper bag I bought for him. I now have a bag to use for his things when we go out in public. I had such a wonderful day with him earlier.
I made us both lunch before we started our day. I took us to the park first. I sat in the park bench with the other mothers. I think it excites Baby Jake when other people watch me change his diaper. I think he also likes it when they laugh at him too.
I had to change him twice this afternoon before leaving the park. I took him shopping right afterwards at the mall. I only found him a couple of outfits for him to wear this week. I did find them both to be very cute. I think he is going to like wearing these this week, when I come over to babysit. I’m going to be arriving at his house bright and early tomorrow morning.
I know already, that he is going to need me to change him. I’m going to bring over some extra diapers, just in case he needs some. I’m thinking tomorrow that we should go out for lunch and see a movie. I already know that baby Jake is going to be one of my favorites.
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Messy Pants for Baby Leonard.

Posted by: ABDLSpace in: ● 05/20/2014

stephanie2[1]I spoke with Leonard and he did a messy in his pants.  Leonard goes to his neighbors house where all of his moms friends are teasing him.   He gets a chance to play with other babies that wear diapers. 

I told Leonard I have two children that I babysit for ages 6 and 8.  They do stinky in their underpants they do feet in the air just like Leonard.  His room looks cute with pink and yellow.  He has his toys to play with but sometimes he wets the bed. 

This makes his mommy upset.  Leonard asked  me if when inmates are locked up do some of them wear diapers.  I told him yes.  I told  Leonard the jailors do not change them especially when they are about to get executed.   They are very afraid they are going to die. 

This really excited  Leonard we had a great call. 

Buh bye for now baby Leonard


Mommy Stephanie


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Tommys punishments for misbehaving.

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gina1[1]Hi there my little one. Today I spoke to Tommy it was great talking him today. His story really made me laugh, he is such a mommies boy. I loved it and enjoyed speaking to him, I hope to hear from again, and talk to him about taking him out shopping for cute little outfits. I’m sure he would enjoy it.

He told me when he was little his mommy dressed him up as a little girl because he was misbehaving a making fun and bothering little girls, so she wanted to embarrass him as well.

He likes his mommies to be in control. I liked telling him about when I saw my friend being really mean to her little brother and how we dressed him up like a little girl and teased him about it and how she spanked him in front of us for crying about it. He had been a really bad boy and had disrespected his older sister, it had to be done.

He also told me how the older girls would make fun of him, and even his mommy’s friend made fun of him. Poor little Tommy. Little Tommy must have been a really bad boy for his mommy to do all of that to him.

Mwuah.. Bye Bye Tommy, talk to you soon.


Mommy Gina.
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Babysitter Valerie’s Naughty Baby Boy.

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valerie1[1]I just got off the phone w/ my favorite naughty baby that I watch. He saves up all his pee until he knows that I am coming over.  When I get there, he unleashes and soaks his diaper just so I have to take it off and see what he has inside there.

When I remove that soaking wet diaper - his pee pee is always so hard for the babysitter.  He’s so naughty, saving up his pee and wetting just to show the babysitter his hard pee pee.

Naughty baby!


Babysitter Valerie


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Mommy Tammy Loves Being Pregnant

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tammy1[1]Hey there! I am Mommy Tammy and I just love being pregnant. I started in high school and just haven’t stopped yet. I am currently pregnant with my 4th child. I know – four, can you believe it? I just love the feeling of being pregnant. I love how my belly swells, how sexy I feel, how sensual the experience makes me feel.

I love knowing that a child is growing inside me. I have breast fed every child and am in a constant state of lactation – breastfeeding is such a natural part of my life. I’ve even found a lot of adult babies and just grown men in general who love to nurse from my ample breasts when they are full of that delicious milk.

Clearly I love being a mommy and I know how to do it better than most. I am a pro at diaper changing, nursing, burping, feeding, bathing, play time, nap time, and dealing with cranky babies. I have a house full, but as soon as they are asleep, then mommy is ready to play.

I am a real life mommy with a TON of experience with infants through adult babies. I enjoy age regression fantasies, abies, diaper lovers, spanking, diaper punishment and humiliation, sissy babies, and forced feminization fantasies. I have had more boys than girls and I love nothing more than turning a little boy in to mommy’s pretty little princess hehe.

Give mommy a call now and let’s play!

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Punishment for Baby Andew.

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stephanie2[1]I spoke with Andrew and he did something he had no business doing.  He really does not want to tell me.  He became very uncomfortable.   Andrew was scared he would get a spanking.  

Andrew did a stinky in his pants he said it was an accident he did not know he had to go.  He thought he could hold it but could not.  “No ma’am he responds”.  You must get paddled for this you will be punished.  

Come here and bend over mommy’s knee.   You did a stinky and you will get paddled regardless of the mess in your pants. I told you Andrew you will be punished.  

Diaper time for baby Drew and he is off to bed.  Good night Mistress Stephanie. 

Night baby Andrew.

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Mommy Stephanie

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Adult Baby Jane.

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jane1[1]When I was at the tender young age of 5 I discovered how good diapys felt against my sweet little pee pee when I would still my baby sister’s diapers. I would sit in my room for hours rubbing the diapers into my little girl privates while sucking my thumb.

I’m a bit older now, but I’m still a very wee little baby inside. I just wuv to play horsey with Daddy while he talks baby talk to me. I love it when Daddy tells me that I am his sweet special girl and how it is always going to be ok for me to potty in my diapys instead of the big girl potty. Daddy always loves to pat my padded diaper bottom. This makes me ohhhhhh so happy.

I can be a bit spoiled sometimes too. It’s ok, you do what you must to keep me in line! I know that sometimes I deserve a swift, hard spanking sometimes. I know I can be a bit whiney but please don’t make me go to bed without my
ba ba!

Call me Daddy for a truly submissive AB experience you’ll never forget .


Baby Jane

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