Mommy Heather caught you playing with that pee pee

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I was a bit surprised when I caught baby K playing with himself in his diaper. I was running around the house doing my morning chores when I went into baby K’s nursery..There he sat on his race car rug with building blocks and toys all around. I walked over and that is when I noticed that baby K’s hand was down his diaper playing with his little Pee Pee.

Baby K really seemed to be enjoying his moment with his pee pee. So much so that he did not notice Mommy standing there watching. 

Baby K opened his eyes and saw me standing there. He quickly pulled his hand out of his diaper and went to playing with his toys. I leaned down and took Baby K’s hand and told him it was ok and that mommy did not mind it he played with himself. Baby K looked a little shocked that mommy was so understanding.  

I then told Baby K to stick his hand back down his diaper and play with his pee pee so mommy could watch. He did just liked I asked as Baby K normally does. I could see the excitement in Baby k’s face as he was about to explode all in his diaper. Right then baby K released his sweet little juice in his diaper. He pulled his hand out and had a little on his hand. I told baby K to lick the mess off his hand and we would go change his diaper.

Now I know Baby K and Mommy have a special little secret that we both can share.

Mommy Heather

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