A Visit to Auntie’s House you won’t soon forget!

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I talked for a little while with RY this morning. I wish we had more time with him. He was telling me about his child hood and that he was a bed wetter for a long time. His mom used to make him wear diapers and plastic or rubber pants every night, even in his early teens.

He told me that she had bought him a pair of plastic pants that were to big for him so she tucked them away in a drawer for safe keeping. Well RY found them one day when he was about 17 and remembered from the past how much he liked wearing them.

So any chance he got alone he would sneak in and get them and wear them around the house when no one was home. Until one day when his aunt popped in unexpectedly. He panicked and made a mad dash up stairs. Although she didn’t make a big deal about it he knew she had seen him.

RY went to stay with his aunt sometime later that summer. That night, as they were getting ready for bed she asked him if he still had problems wetting the bed. He told her No, but as he was saying it she pulled out the rubber pants from his moms’ drawer.

He was a little embarrassed but let her put him in a diaper and rubber pants anyway and off to bed he went. He was so excited to be wearing a diaper again he kept getting hard during the night.

The next morning he went down to breakfast and she said you look soaked and poked her finger in to check. So she took him into the bedroom to change him.

As she was about to finish with the Vaseline and wrap the diaper around to pin it up she noticed he was hard.

Instinctively RY brought his hand down to touch it, she looked at him and said ” I suppose you want me to help you with that too, huh?”

Her hands already greasy made it easy for her to stroke his hard cock he closed his eyes and could hardly believe what was happening. Even though he was now 18 he didn’t have any sexual experience at all.

It didn’t take him long to release his sticky load into his diaper. You know the rest of his stay at his aunts was one he won’t soon forget! (wink)


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