Mommy Joyce- Nursing my friends AB-Brian

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When my friend called the other day she had a special favor to ask, she has a new AB named “Brian” and he is crazy for real breast milk, but it’s very hard to come by for AB’s unless they can find a “Mommy” that has big, milk filled Boobies

Brian is a very sweet baby and is such a good baby that she wanted to give him a special treat. So she asked if I would Babysit Brian and gives him a special treat. I thought that would be fun so I agreed.

When Brian arrived I told him he had been such a good boy that his Mommy and I arranged for him to have a Nursing” session with me, Mommy Joyce.

I made sure he had on a nice, clean diaper and I laid down on my side next to him, pulled my full breasts out of my nightie and told him to empty mommy’s breasts . as we laid there and he sucked on my nipples I could feel him draining me dry, it feels so good when the milk is gone, like a weight off your chest, it also makes mommy a bit horny, so I let Baby-Brian play with my pussy as I rubbed his pee-pee thru his diapers.

Soon I could fill the warmth as he pee’d and pee’d, then then I felt his pee-pee jerk as he made a gooey cummy for me. Needless to say he was a very happy AB when his mommy came to pick him up.

We agreed that if he is a good boy we will do it again soon. In the meantime I am going to use my breast pump and start a little supply for my friend to have on hand for him and for some of her other ABIES as a special treat for when they are really good boys and Mommy Joyce is not available.

Mommy Joyce

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