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Posts Tagged ‘babysitter fantasy

Cleaning You Out

Posted by: ABDLSpace in: ● 09/21/2013

My dearest JB, Last night babysitter Shay decided to play with her own little enema bag. I wanted to know what it feels like when I really have to go like you do so that I can describe it to you properly. I tried all four kinds: hot, warm, cold, and graduated. Now when we […]

Babysitting Baby Riley

Posted by: ABDLSpace in: ● 09/14/2013

I loved babystting for baby Riley the other day. The first I did when I came over was changed his cloth diaper. He peed in them right before I left my house. Baby Riley always likes to get into trouble on purpose because he likes it when I spank him.   I usually use my […]

Playing Dress Up with Shelly

Posted by: ABDLSpace in: ● 08/31/2013

 I Just love it when J’s mom calls me to babysit.  We always have so much fun.  We have so many naughty little secrets that we share.  My new favorite secret is how we love to play pretty princess dress up while J’s Mom is working. Our pretty little princess dress up game includes a […]

Babysitting For The Jansens

Posted by: ABDLSpace in: ● 08/29/2013

Babysitting for the Jansen’s today was quite stressful. I didn’t think that this day was going to end. I got there this morning at eight. It was a long day but the best part of it was when Bill took me home.   Bill was the man of the house. I think he just recently separated from […]

Miss Stacey is strict and will make you a perfect little angel!

Posted by: ABDLSpace in: ● 07/18/2013

  Hello there my pet, I am Miss Stacey. I am a no nonsense mommy, teacher, nanny, and disciplinarian. I have no problem with corporal punishment, spanking, time outs, or diaper punishments if you are naughty and do not listen. I definitely know how to deal with a mouthy abie or an unruly child. I’m […]

ABDL lifestyle Babysitter Millie

Posted by: ABDLSpace in: ● 06/21/2013

Hey there baby boy – I’m your new babysitter, Millie and I’m here to take care of all of your needs. I’m a sweet young sitter with lots of experience with everything baby. My daddy was an adult baby who loved to wear diapers at home, so I watched how my mom handled an adult […]

Babysitter gets dirty with Baby T.

Posted by: ABDLSpace in: ● 05/25/2013

I know why little T gets so excited when I come to babysit him. he knows that when I babysit we play all kinds of naughty games like Peek-a-boo and Ring around the Rosey with a dirty twist. See when little T and I play our games we do it by taking little T’s clothes […]

Playing Dress up with Candace

Posted by: ABDLSpace in: ● 01/05/2012

It was so nice to talk to my little baby JM today. His mommy and daddy haven’t needed me that much lately, but tonight they needed a babysitter at the last minute so I was more than eager. I love babysitting JM because I know that he wont’ ever tell about our secret games we […]

Bare Bottom Spanking by the Babysitter

Posted by: ABDLSpace in: ● 01/04/2012

I spoke with Jeremy and he was on the mood to Role play. The scenario is he likes to be an early high student he is rich and his mom is going out of town for work. Let me be clear Jeremy isn’t a bad kid. I have been hired to watch the house and […]

Be a Good Nanny to Baby Chad or Else!

Posted by: ABDLSpace in: ● 11/30/2011

This is an exciting day! Chad is going to meet with his nanny.  He has searched high and low for the perfect nanny.  I am really happy for him and as his mommy I felt a liberty to get information about this nanny and where I was going to be sending my baby to.  Chad […]


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