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Sammie Dirtied His Diaper

Posted by: ABDLSpace in: ● 02/15/2014

I had to change Sammie’s dirty diaper twice today. I know I’m going to have to change him tomorrow morning too. I always have to bring extra wipes because his bum is so stinky. I will probably have to bathe him too. I know he doesn’t take care of himself when I’m not with him. […]

Mommy April likes to breastfeed her babies

Posted by: ABDLSpace in: ● 01/31/2014

I like to breastfeed my adult babies, when they come over. I make sure they get all of the milk, they can muster. I know that AB Tony likes how sweet it tastes. I like watching him gulp up all of my warm breast milk from my nipples. My other AB Quincent likes it when I breastfeed […]

Girly Baby L.

Posted by: ABDLSpace in: ● 01/25/2014

I am a very young mommy, so naturally I like to be out and about with my little Abbie’s. Going to the  store is a favorite, but so is going out to  have a meal. First I get my baby “L” all dressed. I know he is a little boy, but i just love to […]

Mommy’s Loving Touch.

Posted by: ABDLSpace in: ● 01/16/2014

Growing up is hard sometimes… All the weight of responsibility on your shoulders; The stress of work, family, friends, or a lack of can be a lot to bear. But not for my sweet babies.    This Mommy can take care of all your needs.  I love to feed my babies with my big, natural […]

Changing Baby’s Diaper

Posted by: ABDLSpace in: ● 11/26/2013

I changed adult  baby Rodney’s diaper this morning, and boy was it stinky. I think he went poopy in his diaper when he was taking a little nap. I have to change him at least three times in a day. I bought him some new cloth diapers so he can be better comfortable.   I […]

Babysitting with Tabby

Posted by: ABDLSpace in: ● 08/14/2013

OMG, I had a great time babysitting for Ron this morning. I put on some cartoons that we can watch together. I always have such an amazing time whenever I babysit him.   Today he was very thirsty so I offered him some of my warm breast milk.  I could tell that he was thirsty because […]

Mommy Carol’s New Diaper Bag

Posted by: ABDLSpace in: ● 07/23/2013

Hey there!  It’s Mommy Carol – And i have a new diaper bag full of toys and bottles just for you. I have plenty of vibrators,strap ons, and a new breast pump ready for you to suck on my nice big juicy titties. I would love to make you cum and give you lots of […]

Dress up with Mommy Taylor

Posted by: ABDLSpace in: ● 07/17/2013

Last night baby  and I played dress up. I had him try on a cute little pink dress with lace and ribbons. Underneath the dress he wore a diaper with white ruffles panties and sheer pantyhose.   I know how much he hates dressing up like a sissy, but I had no choice but to force […]

Posted by: ABDLSpace in: ● 07/12/2013

It’s Mommy Taylor – your sweet loving nurturing mommy who caters to your every desire, but can be strict if pushed to my limits. Mommy has plenty of experience with adult babies, and diaper lovers – with real life experience with age regression, infantalism, forced feminization/sissy babies, spanking, punishments, shrinking/size fantasies, nursing, and catering to […]

Mommy Betty and Baby Eric

Posted by: ABDLSpace in: ● 11/06/2011

Baby Eric has to be one of my favorite babies in the world. Baby Eric loves to be cuddled and I love to cuddle him. when he cuddles he loves to suckle mommies breast and have his diapered bottom patted. As I was rocking and cuddling Baby Eric I decided to do something new with […]


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